Renewables overtake coal and nuclear power

by Volker H. Seibert

Germany always aspired to be a pioneer in climate protection. Now, UK shows how to do it better. While still being discussed in Germany, the British have long since anchored the exit from coal by law. And within just five years, they can now even manage a double turnaround: In 2017, wind and solar have for the first time delivered more energy than the country's nuclear power plants.

In 2017, the share of renewable energies in power generation increased to 29.4 percent, while the share of nuclear energy was around 21 percent. Especially the wind energy has contributed to the good statistics, as the industry association RenewableUK emphasizes: 15% of the total electricity requirement of the UK is now covered by wind energy. In the previous year, the share was still at 11 percent, but due to capacity increases and higher wind speeds, an increase of almost one-fifth is recorded - a record. It now supplies 12.7 million households in the UK.

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