Textbook GWO EFA

by Volker H. Seibert

With much delay the new GWO textbook for the module Enhenced First Aid has been published and can be ordered under the link above. We would like to apologize for the delay, but what lasts a long time will literally be good. So we hope that with the new textbook we have succeeded in closing the gap between the normal lay first aid literature and the medical reference books.

When structuring the textbook, we strictly adhered to the given structure of the GWO module, so that the contents can be easily compared with the GWO document. Many training providers will sensibly change these in their trainings, because the given order of the GWO does not always appear to be conclusive with regard to German peculiarities or the training process can be made more understandable by the changes. Since each training provider has different possibilities for practical training, the scenario training contained in the GWO module was not considered in the book. It is limited exclusively to the theoretical training contents and is intended to serve the participants as preparation for the training or as a reference book.

We would be happy to receive feedback on the content or - despite intensive searching and proofreading - errors, and can then take these into account in future editions.

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